The [ERROR]: > message is a generic message meaning that a recoverable error occured. The recoverable errors are listed in the spec but, the most common reason is that some of the output text did not fit in the designated space. For instance, if you specify a <fo:region-before extent ="3mm" and the text you put in that area spills out beyond 3mm, the text will be placed on the next page header (making it look funny) and FOP generates [ERROR]. The same thing occurs with table cells where a word can't wrap in the available width, etc. etc.

If you examine the PDF and don't see anything wrong, you can ignore the error but, it's an indication that you should look closely at the XML data you are feeding the XSL to make sure that you don't get some surprises after you've gone into a production environment.


Roland Lechner wrote:

Hi there,

executing FOP I get the following error message:

[ERROR]: >

Anybody knows what this could be?

Thanks in advance

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