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Sent: February 26, 2002 7:30 AM
Subject: Classpath in jar

Dear group,

Could someone please tell me why the FOP helper jar:s are hardcoded to
reside in a lib/ directory under the fop.jar ? This makes it extremely
icky to use FOP in a J2EE container without manually fixing the
classpath entries.



FOP started as a standalone. The original directory structure was pretty
spare, and original numbers of helper JARs were low (things like xp.jar and
xt.jar). At some point we decided to package as extra JARs showed up. So
lib/ appeared. CVS tells me that the addition of the Ant manifest task was
about 11 months ago, and I think this is where your issue started.

I guess you are referring to the dependency declarations in the fop.jar
MANIFEST.MF. There is nothing else hardcoded that I am aware of, not in your
sense of "hardcode". This has not come up as a problem much elsewhere, but I
can see where this would be causing Orion problems (or other J2EE servers
for that matter).

Any suggestions? Our requirements are that FOP works as a standalone, which
it clearly can without resorting to the extension mechanism, and also can be
used as a servlet. I don't think a huge amount of thought went into using
this mechanism in FOP, across all possible deployment scenarios, so I'll be
happy to listen to change requests. As I say, however it is being used,
either standalone or as a servlet, this extension mechanism problem has not
cropped up much, but that's not to say it's not a problem the way we have it
set up.

Arved Sandstrom

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