> some comments to Joergs message:
> I do not think using TraxInputHandler or XSLTInputHandler is
> better than using a DOM tree.

Just for clarification: i did not recommend temporary files
over intermediate DOM trees. I recommend a SAX event stream
over any of temporary files, intermediate in-memory buffers
for serialized XML or intermediate DOM trees. A DOM tree is
often still preferable over some serialization because of
performance (no reparsing) but not necessarily because of memory
consumtion (depends on the implementation).

You can generate SAX events from DB data, and you can use a
SAXSource to get it into a transformation and a SAXResult to
pipe it further to FOP. Xalan is capable of streaming transformation
(within limits), thereby greatly reducing memory load.

Note that extending JVM memory significantly beyond available
physical memory will not cause "a little bit" of swapping
but a rather drastic performance reduction because of swapping
caused by GC, even if not all that much memory is used at any
one time.

Re mail archives:
>(are all messages written to this mailing list found there)?
I think so. The key is a "creative search strategy" :-)

> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-dev&m=100559404418852&w=2
Indeed a very good source.


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