On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 09:41:14AM +0100, S. Jayaraman gave off as follows:
> OOps. Sorry .. forgot to add.
> The indent=0 not put for the first column.
> And lucky for me, the tables did not have borders printed. I admit that it
> would have been horrible to look at.
> Rgds

Hmmmm.  The document(s) are my Uni Assignments, two programming modules so the
tables gotta be the way the Uni wants the tables to be.  The first one I have
needed is a program data table, it needs cell borders badly.

Is there no indent, spacebefore, padding etc that operates on the borders, like
start-ident="body-start()" or whatever?  I would rather not use absolute
positioning as in the examples included with Fop.  Simply because I don't know
exactly where the table will be everytime.

Please don't tell me this means I have to use Word again!  I was doing so well
with Fop.


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