Lets consider what this problem could be:
- you are getting a transform error when using xml and xslt (stylesheet error)
- the files from the distribution also have the problem
- the files in the distribution work in the distribution
- your file probably also work on the command line
- the FopServlet works (I have tested it)

This immediately tells us the it is a problem with the environment. What is different? You are running in a servlet. What libraries does the servlet use to run? I'm sure it is using an xml parser and possibly an xslt processor.

So fix your classpath, ie. remove old/incompatible versions of xml libararies. (Note: jdk1.4 includes an xml parser)

On 2002.03.02 04:08 TJ Smith wrote:
The xsl and xml files are rather huge and most likely would not be
with open arms by the group :-)  I have attached relevant bits of both
and the error walkback from executing FopServlet below.  I have also
the FopPrintServlet with identical results viz. works fine with 'fo'
parameter, squawks about "stylesheet requires attribute: version' if
with 'xml' and 'xsl' parameters.  I tried using xsl and xml files from
fop 20.3 distribution - and they produced the same disappointing results.
have recompiled both servlets without error - and have the jar files that
came with fop 20.3 in the path.  This is making me crazy - crazier,
:-) - so any and all advice is appreciated!

Note that I did have the XSLT and FO namespaces in he stylesheet  - but
thanks for the suggestion :-)

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