Man, this is totally off of the FOP subject but, Yes, you can create a pivot table (almost - You create an outline) in text with XSL. You have to understand how excel auto-converts properly sub-totalled rows to an outline and then to a pivot table. Walk through it a couple of times in Excel to see what';s going on

1. Figure out the output line by line
2. Figure out the fields that will be subtotalled
3. Create subtotal lines using formulas. [ =sum(b1:b5) ]
4. Excel will import the formulas, then you push the buttons to turn it automatically into an outline. Then turn the outline into a pivot table.

Chuck Paussa

Savino, Matt C wrote:

Do you know if this can be used to create a spreadsheet with a pivot table?
I read the How To page but didn't see anything about it.


Matt Savino

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Wouldn't it be easier to translate the xml to a CSV (comma separated


file, import that into Excel and then finish up the

formating? I wouldn't

even bother trying the MS_HTML option

See .
Pure java classes that write to Office formats.
Excel reader-writer is tried and tested.

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