> Thanks Jay and Jeremias for your help.  I need to convince people from work 
> that FOP is our PDF solution.  However, without a good scalability test 
> result (100% job completion rate), I am having
> trouble doing so.  
> I truely believe that one of the main reason for out of memory error is 
> because FOP is running in debug mode, where you see every page gets generated 
> (ex: page 1,2 [1][2]).  Most of the memory is used
> by java to write debug information such as pages complete, initial and final 
> heap size.. etc on to window's console.  If I can turn this off and run FOP 
> in quiet mode, I am guessing the performance
> would increase by at least 30% and scability will also improve.  
> Jeremias, you sugguest to me to change edit the logger 
> (http://xml.apache.org/fop/embedding.html).  how do I edit the code?  Do I 
> need to get Avalon?

Using a text editor. :-) Seriously, I guess you're using the fop.war in
docs/examples/embedding, right? The source code is in FopServlet.java.
Unfortunately, the WAR file is not built with the build script, so you
have to manually build the WAR file after adjusting the code. Actually,
it's not even necessary to build the WAR. It is sufficient to compile
FopServlet.java (you need to get servlet.jar from your web container to
do that) and place it (along with a web.xml file) in the right places.

And you don't need to get Avalon, since the necessary jars are in the
lib directory of FOP's distribution.

> Jay, you mentioned that I might have to edit the FOP source code.  Do you 
> know which java file I should edit so I can turn off the log screen?  Also, I 
> am having trouble compling servlets.  Following
> is the error message, can you tell me where I can get the SAX servlet package?

SAX has nothing to do with servlets. The SAX stuff is in xerces.jar. You
can get the servlet.jar from your web container or from here: 

To turn of logging you can also try to call

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