The FOP FAQ is back up at a slightly new location....

It isn't perfect yet. It doesn't tell you the topics each question is in - just lists questions and answers.
However it should have all the answers from the FAQ as of a couple of months ago.

Any criticism of the FAQ is welcome but volunteers more so :-)

If you like you can take a backup copy of this html file.

I will be looking into producing an xdocs (XML) version of the FAQ so that it can be stored in CVS.
If anyone wants to discuss this then please email me.

PS - Please can people come up with more example fo files. Thanks.

I think I may take this opportunity for a plug.... Anyone who dislikes adverts should stop reading now.....

My firm ( is offering London companies free consultancy in open source software.
This can include FOP. Check the website for more info or email me.


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