At 12:25 05/03/02, Tony McNicholl wrote:

I need to include a few maths formulae (both inline and displayed) and a 3x3 matix in a pdf document created from an XML source. As fop does not recognize mathml any suggestions how I can do it?

Hello Tony.

I'm not sure if this is obvious to you but you essentially need to convert your mathml into XSL:FO so that FOP can recognise it. You would typically use an XSL stylesheet, but other methods may be possible. This is probably something which should be approached by whoever developed mathml as I don't expect it to be trivial.

A swift google search for Mathml and fo came up with

Oh - this latter suggests that a different XSL:FO processor (PassiveTeX) natively supports MathML.


Ok.... Here's my guess....

What you need to do is to take the MathML and convert it to vector graphics (SVG) and then feed the SVG to FOP. Unfortunately I don't know of such a tool.

Anyone want to take up the baton?


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