The weird thing is that it only happens when a table cell's text is split into three or more lines. The first two end up on the first page and the last n - 2 on the second. I've attached a second fo file that exhibits what I believe is the correct behaviour (zipped this time). The only difference is that I've taken the three-line cell and made it split into only two lines by reducing the size of the text.

Matthew Mastracci wrote:

I think I mave have encountered a bug. The attached XSL:FO file renders in what I think is an incorrect manner with FOP 0.20.3.

The column itself ends up being split across two pages. The row, however, contains a column with "number-rows-spanned". I thought that a column with "number-rows-spanned" would be kept together across a page break- breaking in the middle of the row seems to be an error. I've tried adding the keep-together="always" attribute and it still seems not to work.

The column cells with borders are where I think the problem is.


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