Hello everybody,

I'm trying to parse an XML document with its XSL stylesheet using FOP in
an ASP.
I successfully generated a pdf file with jBuilder but i can't figure out
why it won't work with my asp page.
I just don't know what's the right way to do things.

I have unpacked all the jar files in the winnt/java/trustlib directory.

I have created a class that has four methods :
    three of them are to set the input files (xml and xsl) and the
output file (pdf)
    the last one is used to launch the job and refer to the class within
the jar files

In the asp i get no error when creating the object w/ getObject or
Server.CreateObject not when using the first three methods. But when i
call the last method it says java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. It does not
say which class is Undefined. All i know is that this occurs when i
instantiate the Class Driver within my self-made Class.

Should I unpack all the jar files in the winnt/java/trustlib directory
or leave them packed?
Should i instantiate the fop archive with the -xml -xsl and -pdf
arguments? How can i pass arguments from an asp page to the class i want
to run?

Does anyone know have a clue?

thank you

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