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> My suggestion was *not* to merge the two!
> iText is a Java API with a document creation focus.  In this day and age,
> XSL:FO can be viewed as just another document type - in the same way that
> more proprietary or older formats are (that is, PDF, RTF, etc.).

Sorry if it's a bit off-topic, but this issue is similar to the one we just
managed to handle between POI ( and Cocoon

POI is a project that makes it possible to read-write common office file
formats in Java.
Cocoon is an XML processing framework-server.

The POI team donated a Cocoon component that uses POI and outputs XML, but
on the Cocoon side, committers saw too much POI code in it.

Basically we understood that a project to read-write a file format should
have a solid Java API. Other projects can use it to produce other results.
Merging is not the best solution, both for developers and users.

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