I am currently using FOP 0.20.1 embedded in my Java
application. I am now trying to insert SVG graphs into
my PDF using font. I have been able to generate my PDF
files with the SVG images embedded, but the text
within the SVG image looks terrible. How do I fix this

I have found several old postings on this same topic,
but no real solutions. Some of the postings refer to
adding the following entry to the userconfig.xml file.


There are two problems with this solution. The first
problem is the fact that I am running FOP as an
embedded program without the configuration files. The
second problem is that half of the elements(my graph
lines, legends, and axis labels) disapear from my SVG
image when I run FOP as a standalone using the
userconfig.xml with this entry. 

Does anyone have a way of getting the fonts to be
clear in an SVG image of a PDF file generate from FOP
embedded in a Java program?


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