Here's our benchmarking ballpark numbers:
On an average report (~30 rows/page, ~7 cols., ~7 chars/column, no new
page-sequences possible), output on Weblogic--I see around 500ms/page
running on  on my PIII-933 NT4, 512MB ram, max heap-size=256MB. I see about
900 ms/page on our RISC 2X550Mhz HP-UX, 2GB ram, max heap-size=512MB.
The HP-UX box will run out of memory at about 200 PDF pages, NT will go well
over 200 pages with half the heap size. Things slow way down and run out of
memory much sooner if more than one report is running simultaneously,
especially on the HP box. I have some serious reservations about the
JVM/Hotspot implementation on HP-UX.
I can't use multiple page-sequences on most of my reports (I have no
built-in page breaks), but on the one that I can, it completely cleared up
the Java out-of-memory problem.
Matt Savino 

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I am currently working on a project where we are dynamically creating PDF
documents based on a user input.  When a user selects a specific period of
time, we pull out the matching records from the database, convert the
dataset to XML and render a PDF report based on that dataset.  Now,
everything works fine when we are manipulating up to 200 records (we get the
result in 1 or 2 minutes).  However some reports manipulate 7000 or 8000
records and in these particular instances, the performance degrades fairly
significantly (no report was rendered after 40 minutes).

Does any of you have any idea/input on how to improve performance using FOP
in such cases and what type of performance we should expect for the above

Thank you for your help. 

David Le Strat. 

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