You can try to work with the "number-columns-spanned" attribute on

On 14.03.2002 17:57:23 Balaji Loganathan wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm trying to design a Paper document using
> XSL:FO,PDF so that I can retrive and put the data from
> XML into PDF as if like filling Paper document in
> hand.
>  Please see the attachment.
>  I would to create a PDF with 210x 297mm as page width
> and height,and table's in it with different height and
> width(later i will put data in it).
>  Please tell me how to create a table with specified
> height and width,so that I can put tables inside table
> and build a page like the attachment shown.
>  Really getting mad,I guess i need more lateral
> thinking.

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