Hi, David

It may or may not be an internal logic error. Here's what it means, though.

You're using a page-sequence-master. The children of this FO are
sub-sequence-specifiers. You might, for example, decide to start off with 2
single-page-master-references, follow up with a
repeatable-page-master-alternatives with a maximum-repeats of 15, and finish
off with a repeatable-page-master-reference with a maximum-repeats of 5. So
you have four (4) sub-sequence-specifiers.

This page-sequence-master can only deal with 22 pages of content for the
page-sequence that it maps to. If the flow is not yet exhausted you'll get
the message you see, and FOP will fallback to using the last sub-sequence
specifier, the repeatable-page-master-reference, for pages 23 and later.

If you can copy your page-sequence-master to the list we might be able to
pin it down.


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From: David Wood [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Subject: Question - what does "Page subsequences exhausted" mean?

I've been occassionally getting this error:

[ERROR]: Page subsequences exhausted. Using previous subsequence.

I haven't really nailed down what causes it - it's happened with both very
large and very small input XML. It doesn't seem to affect the output.

I was just wondering what this means?


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