> I am using FOP version 0.20.1 and have had a problem with long strings. 
> When a word is longer than the page is wide, FOP is "lending" space 
> from adjacent cells which is not wanted. 
> I have tried using attribute hyphenate, but I noticed that hyphenation does 
> not affect information fetched from a xml document using xsl xsl:value-of.
> Does anyone know, if any improvements affecting this are made in newer 
> versions of FOP, or if there is any other way to solve the problem?

Not at the moment. The "overflow" property normally controls this
behaviour. The problem is that it's not implement at the moment. I need
that, too. This is one of the problems I will need to solve within the
next 4 weeks. Maybe you check back later if your time doesn't run out.

> It would be enough to cut long words at cell borders.

Theoretically, you would do that using overflow="hidden". 

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