Does anyone have experience with postscript errors while printing FOP PDFs? I thought I had seen a similar thread on the list a while back, but can't find it in the archives.

The PDF looks perfect, prints on a variety of printers (both inkjet/PCL, and some SOHO postscript laser printers), but when I sent it to a service bureau to get it run off, all of their equipment (both a big xerox monster and several smaller more ordinary laser printers) generated postscript errors when trying to print it.

These guys can print non-FOP PDF's fine, and have experienced this failure with our FOP-output PDF from Acrobat Reader 5 and Acrobat 4.2 on both Windows and Mac.

My template is pretty ordinary but does use embedded fonts, both TrueType and Type 1. I'm wondering if that's the source of the problem. If I view the PDF in ghostscript/ghostview, I get the following warning messages in the output:

   **** Warning: Embedded Type1 font in PFB format is not valid PDF.
   **** Warning: Type 1 PFB segment length and Length 2 value do not match.
   **** Warning: Type 1 PFB segment length and Length 3 value do not match.

I am in the process of sending test PDFs to the printer without embedded fonts to see if that makes the difference. I have a hunch it will.

If anyone else has had a similar problem, or if anyone can offer guidance about possible issues with the Type 1 font handling in FOP, I'd love to hear it.


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