Sam Prokop wrote:


where does this "Path-doubling" come from, file:///C:/fop/src/fop-0.20.3/C:/fop/src/fop-0.20.3/build/src/codegen/en
i checked the build.xml, it looks all right to me,
the "property name="encodings.xml""-stuff looks exactly as the stuff
there must happen something strange to the ${build.codegen}
Path-variable, so maybe i use the wrong xsl-processor,
but that is xalan2, that comes with the whole package.

any ideas? I mean if this should work with xalan2 maybe it is because of
java 1.4.0?

I've succesfully compiled FOP with JDK1.4 under Linux, I'll try it with Win2k next week.

anyway, this is just because i want to use png (jimi.jar), so i think
its ok for me to use jpeg or a workaround with svg.

I hope we can provide PNG support "out of the box" again ...


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