"Saif Khaja" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Here it is what I was trying to achieve. Each rect in this svg image would
> point to a different bookmark in the same PDF document (as shown in comments
> in the svg code).

The svg:a element links to URLs only. You can't adress positions
in a PDF file easily with an URL.
Apart from this, i havn't found any indication that Batik can
generate links for SVGs embedded in PDF, regardless whether
it links to a position within the PDF or elsewhere. You might,
however, ask on the batik-user list to confirm this.

According to the spec, a fo:simple-link around a
fo:instream-foreign-object should work. However, FOP 0.20.3
apparently generates only links attached to text
(whitespace doesn't work either), so you seem to be out of
luck. I don't know whether this is a FOP peculiarity or a
restriction imposed by the PDF format.


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