Practically you have to be a Java programmer at a basic level to be 
able to use FOP. (This is my opinion) Or maybe you can use it for 
learning XSL-FO in other case, if someone deploys the servlet on 
your machine 

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> Lähettäjä:    Alastair Growcott [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Lähetetty:    22. maaliskuuta 2002 17:55
> Vastaanottaja:        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Aihe: Win32
> Hi,
> I am a sad person who does not have Java on my machine, or any idea how
> to use it even if I did get my hands on a copy (I actually have a very
> nice Java developer environment with lots of help files on a CD-ROM, but
> not with me for another month or so).
> Hence although I have downloaded the distribution release of FOP
> (including all the nice help files and read-me files), I can't really
> use it.
> Is there anyone out there who can give me a nice easy to use Win32
> executable built from a reasonably recent release of the FOP Java code.
> I would very appreciative. But probably not in a fiscal manner :)
> Alastair Growcott.

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