Hi folks

I have a problem. I am trying to use the attributes "widows" and "orphans"
to control the page break. I wish to avoid the situation that a title dos
not come at the end of a page alone. It should come in the next page, if
there is no space for 3-4 lines following it.

Please refer to the fop extract below.

I still end up with the situation that the title appears in one page and the
text appears in the next page.

Where am I going wrong ?

Thanx a million in advance


********* FOP EXTRACT  ********************

<fo:block text-align="start" orphans="3" widows="3">
        Here is a title
        <fo:block space-after="0.0cm">
                This is the text that should come under the title.. There are 
many lines.
This is cut off
                in this mail......

************ END OF FOP EXTRACT *************

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