> From: Higgins, James
> That works, but can you provide a reason why that works and placing
>  it in webapps/fop/WEB-INF/lib doesn't?
>Flakiness in the Tomcat class loader?



Tomcat 4.0 Standard APIs Available:

A standard installation of Tomcat 4 makes all of the following APIs
for use by web applications (by placing them in "common/lib" or "lib"):
* activation.jar (Java Activation Framework)
* jdbc2_0-stdext.jar (JDBC 2.0 Optional Package, javax.sql.*)
* jndi.jar (JNDI 1.2 base API classes)
* jta-spec1_0_1 (Java Transacation APIs)
* mail.jar (JavaMail 1.2)
* servlet.jar (Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 APIs)
* tyrex- (Tyrex XA-compatible data source from tyrex.exolab.org)
* xerces.jar (Xerces 1.4.3)

You can make additional APIs available to all of your web applications by
putting unpacked classes into a "classes" directory (not created by
or by placing them in JAR files in the "lib" directory.

Tomcat 4.0 and XML Parsers:

As described above, Tomcat 4.0 makes an XML parser (and many other standard
APIs) available to web applications.  This parser is also used internally
to parse web.xml files and the server.xml configuration file.  If you wish,
you may replace the "xerces.jar" file in "common/lib" with another XML
as long as it is compatible with the JAXP/1.1 APIs.


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