Rodolphe VAGNER wrote:
Ok, I understand the idea, and my problem.
The next one is where should I insert the static content for this blank page
Oops, scratch the idea, FOP doesn't implement the
necessary prerequisites as noted by Tim.

The other two possibilities i can think of resort to
Java hacking.

The first: Let your style sheet take the total number
of pages as a parameter instead of using
fo:page-number-citation. Make a first formatting pass
with an unset total, pipe the result into the null
device. Get the total number of pages from the
formatter, see:
Make a second pass, this time passing the total to
the XSLT processor. Even though you are formatting
the document two times, it is possible you are as
fast as with one pass, because there is no ugly
forward reference to the last page.

The second: Implement an extension element which returns
the total number of pages. This may be quite tricky, as
far as i can see this wont fit easily with the stream
rendering attempts.


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