Title: How to generate image on pdf from binary stream ?

I want to display logo image in pdf file, but I only have the binary stream of the gif file
retrieved from database, and I don't want to create the gif file. Can anyone tell me how to
generate image on pdf file  from binary stream .


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> First, what if I don't want Batik available for all of the webapps on the
> Tomcat server.

Yup. I agree.

> Secondly, from the "manual"
> -----------------------------
> http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-4.0-doc/class-loader-howto.html
> As mentioned above, the web application class loader diverges from the
> default Java 2 delegation model (in accordance with the recommendations in
> the Servlet Specification, version 2.3, section 9.6). When a request to
> a class from the web application's WebappX class loader is processed, this
> class loader will look in the local repositories first, instead of
> delegating before looking. All other class loaders in Tomcat 4 follow the
> usual delegation pattern.
> Therefore, from the perspective of a web application, class or resource
> loading looks in the following repositories, in this order:
> /WEB-INF/classes of your web application
> /WEB-INF/lib/*.jar of your web application
> Bootstrap classes of your JVM
> System class loader classses (described above)
> $CATALINA_HOME/common/classes
> $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib/*.jar
> $CATALINA_HOME/classes
> $CATALINA_HOME/lib/*.jar
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Looks like something to bring up on the Tomcat list.

I somewhat assumed that Tomcat now gave precedence to common JAXP classes
instead of webapp ones.

If this manual is correct, as it seems and as I woul like it to be, there is
still a problem with Tomcat. Does this happen with the latest Tomcat?

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