Rodolphe VAGNER wrote:
I think it is ; for more information here is the error message I have :
[ERROR]: Could not load external SVG: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed.
[ERROR]: Error while creating area : No ImageReader for this type of image (file:/C:/fop-0.20.3/)
[ERROR]: Error while creating area : Error creating FopImage object (Error creating FopImage object (file:/C:/fop-0.20.3/GRAPH/Fig000.TIF) : org.apache.fop.image.JimiImage

This is indeed somewhat bizarre. However, my automated problem picker points here: > (Error creating FopImage object (file:/C:/fop-0.20.3/GRAPH/Fig000.TIF) : What did you supply as the source name? I suggest to check whether using a proper absolute URL fixes your problem: <fo:external-graphics src="file:///C:/fop-0.20.3/GRAPH/Fig000.TIF"/> Note the triple slash. Check also whether the file is indeed there, and look for misspellings. If this still fails, check whether your last error message continues with something like "ClassDefNotFound". In this case, check whether there is indeed a jimi.jar in the classpath and present at the place where the classpath expects it to be (usually the FOP lib/ directory).


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