RAYMOND Romain wrote:
I cannot access images while building my PDF throught FOP, return error
" no protocol ". Althought I used (as in the examples) a file:path ...

What is the synthax ?

The URL syntax for files on the local machine is file:///some/path/to/file.ext Note the triple slash. FOP also accepts /some/path/to/file.ext Windows drive specifications and pathnames with backslashes could cause some problems. A relative path file.ext path/to/file.ext will be resolved to the configures base directory. This defaults to the current working directory of the process which runs FOP. You can configure it by setting from Java code, see http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-dev&m=101354604124258&w=2 Bad values for the base directory can also cause the problem you have.


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