Mihael Knezevic wrote:
i want to embed fop in my application. so far so good. but when i start the
application it says:

[ERROR]: Logger not set

SystemId Unknown; Line 0; Column 0; Couldn't create PDF file.
File "file:myfile" not found.

The messages are probably completely unrelated. Im not
sure whether there are two, three or even four.
The line about the Logger can be ignored.
The message with the SystemId tells you that you supplied
an invalid or unreachable system specific identifier,
probably in a DOCTYPE declaration.
The last line about the file which cannot be found may be
related to this or not. Check your source for a "myfile"
string and think by what it should be replaced. If its
the system id of a DTD, replace it with the real name
of the DTD file, or delete the whole DOCTYPE line.

For basic XML stuff, unrelated to FOP, it is better to
get local help or at least check the XML ressources at
http://www.xml.org for an XML FAQ and online tutorials.


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