Last time I looked at RenderX, I think I saw something that stated or
implied that RenderX used FOP or was based on it, hence RenderX is
essentially a layer on top of FOP and so will be slower.

It might be worth checking.

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Subject: FOP performance vs RenderX performance


My apologies if this question has already been discussed or does not fit
the forum topic.
I try to compare performance of FOP and RenderX, but all I have found
out is that FOP formats much faster than RenderX (evaluation version).
Unfortunately, RenderX evaluation accepts input/produces output only in
file format (filenames as input) and there is no capability to count the
actual time of rendering, but the time values is very frustrating.:-(
However, I expected RenderX as a commercial product to be more advanced
in the speed of processing.
Have I missed something important?

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

BR, Irina.

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