As a matter of fact the XSL:FO specification allows border attributes for the
inline element which apparently is not supported by FOP.
I thought they're might be a work around to draw a border around a word placed 
a sentence. Maybe someone successfully overcame that obstacle... If so, i would
appreciate some help very much...

alex a écrit :

> At 11:09 04/04/2002, MARTIN Franck wrote:
> >Thank you for your suggestion but :
> >...
> >I really can't figure how to draw a border around a word that is placed in a
> >sentence? I think there must be a way to do so cause it must be pretty
> >common to draw borders and the fop developpers must have taken that into
> >account.
> Please remember that FOP is work in progress and does not have every
> feature that the XSL:FO spec requires.
> It is perfectly possible that this is missing.
> If you can check that it works with other XSL:FO processors and doesn;t
> with FOP then I am sure that the developers would be quite happy to receive
> a bug report and test case fo file
> Alex

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