I went through this too. I also tried borders on list cells (not pretty but it might have been enough of a workaround for me) - didn't work either. You can fake all this with tables and cell block borders if your text is static and you have time on your hands (you need to calculate column widths manually). Otherwise I think you're looking at one of the other renderers.

I found a slightly haphazard but pretty conclusive list of all of these. Of course, the site is down now, but google's got it cached:

The cheapest commercial renderer I saw was ~$3k I believe. And XEP was $10k for a dual processor server ($5k per CPU)... IBM has the only plausible free alternative to FOP that I know of. I haven't played with it very much. It's here...



At 01:56 PM 4/4/2002 +0200, MARTIN Franck wrote:
As a matter of fact the XSL:FO specification allows border attributes for the
inline element which apparently is not supported by FOP.
I thought they're might be a work around to draw a border around a word placed in
a sentence. Maybe someone successfully overcame that obstacle... If so, i would
appreciate some help very much...

alex a écrit :

> At 11:09 04/04/2002, MARTIN Franck wrote:
> >Thank you for your suggestion but :
> >...
> >I really can't figure how to draw a border around a word that is placed in a
> >sentence? I think there must be a way to do so cause it must be pretty
> >common to draw borders and the fop developpers must have taken that into
> >account.
> Please remember that FOP is work in progress and does not have every
> feature that the XSL:FO spec requires.
> It is perfectly possible that this is missing.
> If you can check that it works with other XSL:FO processors and doesn;t
> with FOP then I am sure that the developers would be quite happy to receive
> a bug report and test case fo file
> Alex

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