Frank wrote:
The document I'm creating has several articles, wich start with
a number. So I'm creating running headers with fo:marker and
fo:retrieve-marker. The header displays the first article in the page
and the last, for example 'Nr. 35-36'. But most pages contain only one
article, so the header displays for example 'Nr. 35-35'. But what I want
is that it only displays 'Nr. 35' when there is only one article on a page.

Is this possible?

No. This is one of the nasty deficiencies of the XSLFO standard. (same problem with indexes)

Workarounds are not easy to come by:
- Implement an extension element for your FO processor which
 does what you want. This is far from trivial.
- A two pass solution: use a simple extension element to
 write the referenced page numbers to a file and feed it into
 the generation again.


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