> 2. general issue: suppose I'm printing a report. It's content 
> is an XML
> file, where <row> element contains rows, and every row has 
> children, such as
> columns or nested rowsets.
> I put every row in a <fo:block>. Inside the block I may have 
> blocks for row
> content, tables for nested rowsets, etc.
> That works fine, but I've a requirement: if the row takes 
> more than one
> page, then I've to show it's title in the page header.
> a) What's the best approach to achieve it?
> b) is it better approach to put the whole report into one 
> table element? 

I found the solution, I don't know how it is:

I make a table for every row element, then nested rowsets go into the nested
table within the same cell. It does the job.


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