You need to include a column-count in your fo:region-body like this:

       <fo:simple-page-master master-name  ="page-first"
                               page-height  ="8.5in"
                               page-width   ="11in">
           <fo:region-body     margin-top   ="5cm"
                           margin-bottom    =".5in"
                           margin-left      =".5in"
                           margin-right     =".5in"
                           column-count     ="3"/>
           <fo:region-before extent="6cm"/>

. . .
Chuck Paussa

alex wrote:

Hi folks,

I haven't seen an example for this but is it possible to have one or more blocks in which text flows into the next column, as in a newspaper for example.

I am trying to do a two column A4 newsletter and don't want to worry about inserting column breaks....

Alex Mc

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