We r generating PDF files using fo. We want to provide some security
features to the PDF like non-printable, non-editable etc., when opened thru
Adobe acrobat. Can somebody help in achieving this? Can this be done thru
FOP itself or do we need to use Adobe's API? If somebody could help me out
thru Adobe API also, that would be appreciated.

Vasantha Raju N

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Subject: fo:basic-link

Hi all!

When using fo:basic-link it appears that the 'hotspot'
around the text in the PDF gets misaligned.
The more links I have in a page, the more the hotspots stray
away, making me think the error is cumulative.
(My fo consists of several page sequences, if that could be
a factor...)

Are there any problems with the implementation of
fo:basic-link? I saw earlier posts talking about this but
haven't found anything conclusive.
Anyone got any ideas?

/// Magnus

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