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> Hy
> I'm on a document composed with diferent page sequences.
> Those sequences are put together to realise a final document.
> So I have to generate sequences with a force-count-page to have an
> even number of pages in each sequence.
> The problem is that when a page is forced it appears without text in,
> and I would like this page to contain a text like :
> "normal blank page" .
> How can I do such a thing ?

This is discussed in "The XSL Companion" by Neil Bradley; 
http://www.awl.com/cseng pup 2000. Chapter 17: XSL.

You can also get the gist of this from Elliot rusty Harold's XML book
or from the tutorials on the www.renderx.com, antennahouse.com or from 
IBM.com's developerworks or alphaworks sites.

Specifically see pp 150-155. 

<root ...
    <simple-page-master master-name="first-page">
      <!-- TEMPLATE 1 -->
  ... more s-p-m's for right-page, left-page and blank-page 

    <page-sequence-master master-name="ChapterSequence">
   ... blank, odd and even pages omitted

      </repeatable- ...

  <page-sequence master-reference="ChapterSequence">

... repeat static content blocks and a single <flow/> object


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