I createt a 3 page PDF with a FO file. On every Page is a Header and a
Footer SVG grafic.I used a page-sequence-master for the body text and I made
one before and after code block like this:

<!-- before region -->
<fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-region-before">
<!-- the header grafic -->
<fo:block-container height="4cm" width="21cm" top="0cm" left="0cm"
<fo:block space-before.minimum="0cm"                                            
<fo:external-graphic src="{file:images/head.svg}"/></fo:block>
<!-- Title -->

My Problem is, that these SVG Grafics have a very big size, so my PDF File
increases his size extremly whit every new page. Its always the same svg
grafic! Is there a option or something else to include this picture just one
time in the pdf and always make a reference on the pic when it use it??

thanks for help and sorry for my bad school english ;)

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