Yes sorry, I've been doing the pdf side of things so long my mind got addled. Xalan is what I need. Thanks.

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At 14:39 16/04/2002, Ian Taylor wrote:
Is it possible to create a query string using FOP?

I have been producing PDF's using the FileOutputStream which is working well. Do I just use a different OuputStream to create a query string that can be used to query a database?


You'll forgive me for suggesting that you are a bit confused, I sure am. FOP creates page descriptions suitable for printing eg PDF, RTF, or other more exotic formats. I can't see any reason for the output of FOP to be used for a query string.

Do you perhaps mean the output of Xalan (the XSLT engine)? If so then perhaps an XSL or Xalan mailing list may be more appropriate. You will need to give a better explanation of what you need (and what you already understand) before people will be able to help you.


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