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Next. Try this or something like it.

<fo:block-container height="8mm" width="190mm" top="0mm" left="0mm" text-align="center" position="absolute" border="solid 1px white">


Chaumette, Patrick wrote:

Hello Jerome,

do you put the "position" attribute on a block-container or a block ?

In fact I would like to be able to put a block in the bottom of a static
xsl-region-before so that it glues with the start of the xsl-region-body.
I thought of using a block-container with absolute-position="fixed"
bottom="0cm" and thus get my block at the bottom of the xsl-region-before
and fitting right above the beginning of the region-body.
The body contains a table whose header should be tight to the bottom of a
table in the region-before.

Someone has a solution for this with FOP ?



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[INFO]: FOP 0.20.3
<fo:block-container absolute-position="fixed" top="240mm"


FOP web site indicates that this attribute (absolute-position) is not
(, but is the list up to date?)

However, the "position" attribute seams to be allowed (for value "fixed").
May be should you try it...

Hope this helps...


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