> I can't see what the problem is but I can give you some hints.
> I would suggest testing the svg rendering using the transcoder through 
> batik, so it converts the svg directly to pdf. This works with the cvs 
> trunk also but be aware that there are some differences.

I'll try that.

> I suspect the problem is due to the numbers being used in the svg file. 
> The viewport and path numbers are large and the size is relatively small. 
> I think it is trying to scale the svg and the numbers are getting 
> truncated/rounded to zero.

I guess you're right. I've had a closer look at the AffineTransform
object that it returned by the ViewBox class. It had very small values 
(0.028307 and the like) which were rounded to zero by PDFNumber (strange
rounding code in there anyway). I'll investigate some more.

Thanks a lot for the tips!

Jeremias Märki


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