Which version are you using? Are the characters being stroked?

The main cause of this issue is that the fonts resolved in batik are the java fonts, if not stroking the font pdf font is found by looking through the java font list and finding the first match. This doesn't always work how you might want it to.

On 2002.04.17 12:49 Scott Moore wrote:
I'm having a problem with SVG fonts in FOP.  When I use a Times italic
I get the following error:

ERROR   10190   [fop     ] (): unknown font Arial,italic,normal so
font to any

I'm not even sure it's a Times font that shows up in this case. Bold SVG fonts have the same problem. However, when I use a normal style Times font, it works fine.

The problem has recently gotten worse because I've embedded Arial into my
PDF.  Now I don't get the warning, but it uses the Arial font!  Not only
that, but any spaces in the SVG text show up as hollow boxes.

Why is it looking for Arial?  Does anyone have a solution for this?  If
I'd be willing to look at the source code to fix it, especially if
could point me in the right direction.  Fixing this problem is a big deal
for me, so I'd appreciate any help SVG FOP gurus could give.


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