Nicolas Mazziotta wrote:
For the "short line", if someone has an idea, I'm interrested too.

I believe you are all talking about the typographical footnote separator. As usual, the answer is in the spec, although in this case naive ways to find it are bound to fail. Look here:

"Areas returned from an fo:static-content with a flow-name
 of xsl-footnote-separator become children of the
 footnote-reference-area of an area associated to
 an fo:region-body, preceding all sibling areas of
 area-class xsl-footnote."

This means you should be able to declare footnote
separator content as static-content in a page sequence:
  <fo:page-sequence master-reference="...">
    <fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-footnote-separator">
         <fo:leader leader-pattern="rule"
            leader-length="3cm" rule-thickness="1pt"/>
The bad news is that FOP doesn't implement this, you'll
get an error that there is no region "xsl-footnote-separator"
defined. actually, you can't define such a region (and you
don't need), FOP prevents this.
If you are reasonably sure which footnotes will appear first
on a page, you can put the block with the leader above into
the footnote body. I know, that's a waek workaround.

Does this help?


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