I need to do the same . please let me know if you find the answer.
I tried using fo:table under another fo:table, but was told it doesn' work.
Not sure how true it is ?


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I need to implement tables that seem to me to be difficult (or
impossible) to render with XSL FO.

The difficulty involves a table made of two columns (left/right)
themselves divided into 4 further columns (a,b,c,d). The content should
flows from the left four columns (a,b,c,d) on a page to the right four
columns (a,b,c,d) of the same page before going on to the next pages,
themselves divided in the same way. The page header on the next pages is
slightly different from the one found on the first page containing the

Is this possible with your XEP ? Could you give me an rough idea how to
implement it and test it ?

P. Andries

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