thanks, but i solved the problem.
i had to put these row, into my FOP executer method:

BR, Fishy

J.Pietschmann wrote:

Fischer Tibor wrote:

I run FOP from a JSP page, at Tomcat webserver.
It works fine, til there is only one user at a time. But if 2 users want to use the fop converter at the same time, it fails, and says:


javax.servlet.ServletException: duplicate class definition: org/apache/xalan/processor/TransformerFactoryImpl

This is a problem with the Tomcat classloader loading a
Xalan class. It has absolutely nothing to do with FOP.

Ask the Tomcat people for help. If you are using Tomcat
4.0.3, they'll probably tell you to try 4.0.4b2. Another
possibility is that you have JDK1.4 or for some other
reason two different Xalan instances in the classpath(es).


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