On Thursday 18 April 2002 20:15, you wrote:
> Hi,
> My manager just nixed the use of FOP in our project for the following
> reason.
> a) Its only up to 0.20.3 meaning an early beta.
> b) He is under the understanding partly based on what he saw on the
> FOP site that the code is being rewritten from scratch and he
> therefore does not want to have us tied to an "obsolete" product.
> My question is
> a) How true is this?
> b) How can I convince him that it is worthwhile to use it.
> The product did work nicely in our testing by the way.

It usually pays to go along with the boss even when (s)he's wrong.
Get a price quote from Renderx.com and see if that jogs his resolve.
If he wants to spend the money, let him. It isn't like he was going to 
give any savings to you.

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