Just use application/octet-stream and format the data correctly.

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On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Savino, Matt C wrote:

> Can anyone point me to a good references on getting various response content
> types/file extension mappings to work with IE and Netscape? I'm having a
> devil of a time getting CSV and XML to save correctly AND create the correct
> user prompts. We'd like the open/save dialog to come up for everything, but
> we'd also like to have the correct extension show up when the user goes to
> save the file. Customizing the filename for each instance is not important.
> IE - QueryOutput.pdf, QueryOutput.html, QueryOutput.csv, QueryOutput.xml is
> fine.
> For CSV, if I set the content type as application/excel and the user saves
> the CSV file, it gets saved as a binary file. Which is fine for everything
> except Notepad and Access 97, which apparently can't convert to ascii
> correctly and don't see the line breaks. If I change the content type to
> text/csv, IE works fine, but Netscape saves the file with some extra
> carriage returns and weird characters. I could set separate content types
> based on browser, but the users with Netscape who want to import their CSV
> into Access 97 are still out of luck.
> For XML, IE seems to always want to open any mapping with a .xml extension
> no matter what you tell it the content is. We'd rather give the user the
> option to save first. Also, IE 4.x tries to open every XML file it sees, but
> can't -- even perfectly good XML files sitting on my hard drive. XMLSpy is
> set up as my default app for .xml, but if you're already in the browser I
> guess IE just ignores that.
> Finally for HTML in Netscape, for some reason after I open the XSLT
> stylesheet in a new window, when I go back to the opening window, I have
> weird box characters all over the place -- on a page that doesn't get
> redrawn at all. I've seen the same behavior on slightly different versions
> of communicator 4.x on NT4 and Win2k. Very strange. I attached a screenshot.
> Anyone else seen similar behavior with Netscape and stylesheets?
> Thanks a lot, I know none of these are related to FOP. But I also know from
> hanging around here that a lot of you are fighting with some of the same
> issues in your multi-output systems. I've been searching the web and found
> some good info. But every other forum I find hasn't been updated for 6
> months+.
> Thanks again for any little pointers or knowledge.
> Matt Savino
> Senior Systems Analyst
> Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials
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