Xavier DAMAY wrote:
I understood and succeeded with multi-column body region, but it didn't fit my needs. In fact I need multi column in block containers or tables, because i need two columns on the left and a third one completly independant in the right in a page and i need a two columns area and a third columns area in the same page.

As far as i have understood the spec, you can't define an arbitrary area and have multi-column flowing text in it in XSLFO. Study it yourself, maybe i've overlooked something.

Do you have simple examples or urls to manage multi columns in block-containers or tables ?

If you mean text flowing automatically from column to column, there aren't any.

Block containers can't have multiple columns for itself. The purpose
of block containers is mainly changing block progression direction,
for example having text flow from bottom to top in an otherwise
top-to bottom text, although they are also often used simply to group
blocks for positioning and similar tasks.

In tables, you can have multiple columns, but you have to distribute
the text across columns by yourself, it won't flow automatically, and
there are no mechanisms to make balanced columns easily. You can try
to produce balanced columns at the XSLT level.


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