I tried to change the size of a single word from 12pt to 30pt in a block, but the line height does not change, so the words are sticking together.
One possibility is to change the line height of the block to 30pt, but this does not look very good. And changing the line height of the inline element does not seem to work?
Here's my block:

<fo:block font-size="12pt" font-family="sans-serif" text-align="justify" start-indent="3mm" end-indent="3mm" padding-left="3mm" padding-right="3mm" padding-top="4mm" padding-bottom="4mm" text-decoration="underline">

In this example, padding and border properties are specified using absolute properties:

padding-left,<fo:inline font-size="30pt"> inline!!!!</fo:inline> padding-right, padding-top, and padding-bottom, etc.

According to the specification, a request for the absolute (top, bottom, left, right) versions of these properties should use the relative ones if they are specified.


Have you got any ideas of how to change a single line height in a block?

Bye, YM



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