Hi L Rutker,

Of course this is happening. Anyone who has read the XSL-FO specification would know about half of the problems we are facing.
I suspect what you are really asking is for noticeable signs of progress for the user. All I can say is that this will happen when it is possible.

As a rough guess for the development release I think it will take about 320 hours of work involving core knowledge plus another roughly 320 hours of non-core functionality. How this relates to people and dates is unknown. (these estimates could be way off, I would need to break it down further and monitor progress to get a better idea)

Keiron Liddle.

On 2002.04.25 22:32 L Rutker wrote:
I know there is a supposed refactoring/rewriting going on for FOP.

Is this really happening?
Does anyone know of target dates?


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