Here is the (pruned) FO I get as an result of my xsl transformation.
What I wanted to do was suppress additional space between two headlines that directly follow each other.

<fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
    <!-- preceeding blocks -->

    <!-- block one -->
    <fo:block break-before="page" id="h1_6" space-before="50pt"
     space-after="20pt" space-after.precedence="1">

    <!-- block two -->
    <fo:block space-before.minimum="0pt" space-before.precedence="2"
     id="h2_1" space-after="20pt" space-before="50pt">
        7.1 Einzelplatzscanner

    <!-- succeeding blocks -->

Block one := A
Block two := B

My understanding of the spec:

A and B are stackable areas, have no borders or padding and are not reference-areas (block-progression-direction inherited from parent, no indents specified).

A and B have a block stacking constraint S according to rule 3a. in chapter 4.2.5

Space Resolution:

S1 := space-after="20pt" precedence="1
S2 := space-before="50pt" precedence="2"
S'' := S1 and S2
In this case: S' == S'' because S'' does not contain line-area traits.

The resolved space-specifier S would suppress S1 because it has a lower precedence than S2 (point 3 in 4.3.1).

Do I get that right? FOP would not suppress anything and just add all spaces.

TIA! Ralf

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